Qt event dispatchers and loops


Lately I’ve been working with Qt, a C++ framework for developing cross platform applications. Like many other frameworks/environments Qt enables event-driven programming. Using that methodology of programming, a typical Qt applications does something like this:

Follow up on DBus + Emacs


In my last post I used the example of NotificationItem protocol to experiment with the D-Bus bindings in Emacs. It was nice because I learned about lexical-let, and in the end it worked!

A non-trivial example of Emacs D-Bus bindings


This post will talk about the difficulties I had when implementing part of a simple but non-trivial D-Bus API using the Emacs bindings.

A little Emacs experiment


As I mentioned before, after starting out the new job, in a new city, with a new language, and a new computer, I started playing with GNU Emacs editor. I kind of staled with Vim, knew how to do stuff, but I wasn’t feeling very pleased by Vimscript. On the other hand I was reading good things about Emacs (many of them in Steve Yegge blog and his Drunken Rants) and always had some curiosity about Elisp.

Hello (again?)


Hello, I am Caio Marcelo (in IRC the nickname is cmarcelo) and this is my brand new blog, mostly focused on technology, like many blogs I like to read.